Upcoming workshops:

27th of March at 4 - 6pm  at the Float Spa Hove

Somatic movement, Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra accompanied by Sound Bath

co-hosting with Jennie O'Halloran

restorative yoga copy 2.jpeg

In this two hour workshop Ashka will lead you through some body awareness and breathing practices, gentle somatic movement and self massage, followed by few longer held restorative poses which purpose is to allow body and mind to heal through relaxation and rest, balance the nervous system and return the body to homeostasis. 

Restorative Yoga practice uses bolsters, blankets and yoga blocks which helps to hold the poses for longer but also allow to release the muscles in a supported way.

Yoga Nidra is called a 'yogic sleep' and is a form of a guided meditation which relaxes the whole body and mind leading you into a state of deep relaxation between sleep and wakefulness leaving you feeling refreshed and nourished.

Jennie will be playing live soothing sounds throughout the practice and end the session with a soundbath. She uses a combination of special instruments, including gongs, crystal bowls, chimes and himalayan singing bowls, dedicated to healing. Sound offers a gentle pathway to deeply restorative relaxation by lowering brainwave frequencies and the vibrations allow for release and expansion of the body and mind. 

This workshop is open to every body who is looking for stress relief or a space to unwind. No previous yoga experience is necessary. Props and mats will be provided. Please wear warm and comfortable clothing and socks as your body temperature will drop in deep relaxation.

Perfect way to spend Mother's Day Sunday afternoon. 

Gift to yourself or a loved one who needs some self care.